Ultra-Light Otoscope & Mini-Endoscope

The Kuduscope digital otoscope allows ear canal and tympanic membrane examinations and symptom investigation, regardless of setting or location.

Powered by our innovative eMoyo-EMR software, the Kuduscope ultra-light otoscope is exceptionally user-friendly and operates in conjunction with a PC or laptop camera.

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Kuduscope Otoscope

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The Kuduscope is a PC-controlled digital otoscope and mini-endoscope that offers users a clear view of both the ear canal and tympanic membrane.

This lightweight, pen-sized digital otoscope enables clinicians to conduct ear canal and tympanic membrane examinations and investigate symptoms, regardless of setting or location.

Users can annotate images and make clinical notes offline, as the Kuduscope otoscope and mini-endoscope requires no internet connection to operate. 

The Kuduscope digital otoscope requires eMoyo-EMR software for operation, which can be purchased and downloaded from our online shop.


- 1 Megapixels

- IP67 Waterproof

- Pen Sized & Feather Slim

- Brightness Control

- Cold LED Lighting

- PC / Laptop Controlled

- USB Powered

- Welch Allyn Speculums Adaptor

- Easy Tip-Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol


- 3 x Washable Speculas

- 4 x Wax Removal Curettes

- Welch Allyn Speculums Adaptor


Even though sales are processed via our online shop, every Kuduscope purchase is dealt with on a one-on-one basis.

Stock may be limited, but we endeavour to deliver Kuduscope purchases within a week.

Should it be necessary to build your Kuduscope digital otoscope on order, this will be communicated to you immediately.


The Kuduwave otocsope is supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty.

Kuduscope OtoscopeKuduscope Otoscope


eMoyo’s medical technology products are supported by a 1-year repair-or-replace warranty.

Should you have any questions or queries, our team of skilled technicians, engineers and medical professionals are available to assist via web chat, social media channels, telephone and e-mail.


Our Kuduwave portable audiometer and Kuduscope digital otoscope enable audiologists, ENT practitioners, clinicians, occupational health officials, philanthropists and hearing healthcare professionals to conduct testing faster, more conveniently, and more cost effectively.


    "Not only is the Kuduwave an amazing piece of equipment, but the support and service that I have received from eMoyo has been excellent. Highly recommended!"

    Randall Lucas

    CHS Training (Pty) Ltd.

    Got questions?

    Have a look in our useful FAQ section to find the answers to often-asked questions.


    How is the Kuduscope powered?

    The Kuduscope digital otoscope is USB powered. This med-tech device plugs into a computer via USB, and requires no additional power source or batteries to operate – making it conveniently portable.

    What software is required to operate the Kuduscope digital otoscope?

    The Kuduscope digital otoscope is operated by our innovative eMoyo-EMR software, via a connected PC or laptop.

    Do I require an internet connection to use the Kuduscope digital otoscope?

    Users can annotate images and make clinical notes, even when offline, as the Kuduscope digital otoscope requires no internet connection.

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