Kuduwave Pro-TMP High-Frequency Portable Diagnostic & Screening Audiometer with Integrated Tympanometry

For the first time ever, simultaneous, bilateral tympanometry is made possible, as KuduTymp technology integrates tympanometry and acoustic stapedius reflex measurement functionality into the Kuduwave Pro audiometer.

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Kuduwave Pro-TMP

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The Kuduwave Pro-TMP is a high-frequency, clinically validated, state-of-the-art, pure-tone audiometry and tympanometry solution for workplace hearing-loss screening, ototoxicity monitoring programmes, and audiology practices alike.

This revolutionary, highly portable audiometer / tympanometer allows clinicians and healthcare professionals to test patients at home, in hospital, on-site, or in the workplace – without the need for an audiometric sound booth.


- Automatic & Manual Hearing Testing

- Automatic Simultaneous Bilateral Tympanometry (226Hz Probe)

- Automatic Testing & Tympanogram Classification

- Pure-Tone Air Conduction Audiometry

- Extended High Frequencies

- Automatic Air Conduction Threshold Seeking (16 000 Hz)

- Automatic PLH Shift Reporting

- Eustachian Tube Function

- Diagnostic Reflex Measurement

- Reflexes 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, BBN (Ipsilateral & Contralateral)

- Reflex Decay Test

- Eustachian Tube Function Testing

- Manual Pressure Sweep Capability

- X-Check Built-In Digital Biological Calibration Verification

- Superimposed Tympanograms & Real-Time Data Presentation

- Noise-Check Built-in Noise Survey Sound Level Meter

- Seal Check Exterior Noise Blocking

- Automatic Seal Checking

- Interchangeable Eartips


Reflex Decay:
A continuous stimulation (≥10 seconds) can be introduced to the ear at 10 dB above the ART, allowing for reflex decay measurement useful in detecting or confirming retro-cochlear pathology.

Stimulus Type & Duration:
Users can select either pure-tone stimuli (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz) or Broadband noise. The stimuli can be either pulsed or continuous, with a selected duration.

Measurement History Viewer:
Ipsilateral and contralateral measurements yield valuable data. Store multiple reflex thresholds for each ear and specific test frequency with eMoyo-EMR software, allowing for the comparison of reflexes elicited at various intensities.

Improved Time-Efficiency:
No ear-swapping required. Save time by testing left or right ipsilateral and contralateral reflexes with just one mouse click.


- eMoyo-EMR Software

- Selected Speech Audiometry & Word List Plug-Ins

- Kudutymp Technology (Hardware Upgrade)

- Kudupress Patient Response Button

- USB Cables & Extra Sound Tubes

- Hard, Shock Absorbing Carry Case

- Digital User Manual

- Training Video

- Free 30-day, One-On-One, Online Kuduwave Product Training

- Unlimited eMoyo Online and Telephonic User Support


eMoyo-EMR software comes free with the Kuduwave Pro-TMP audiometer.


We build and calibrate our Kuduwave audiometers on order.

Unless we have available stock (which we'll communicate to you immediately), please allow 3-4 weeks production and delivery time.


All Kuduwave audiometers are supported by a 3-year repair-or-replace warranty. The parts and accessories have a 1-year warranty.

Kuduwave audiometers are ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered, CE-mark certified for medical devices, and are compliant with all IEC, ANSI and SANS standards for audiometry, tympanometry, and calibration.

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The Kuduwave Pro-TMP (Kuduwave Pro + Kudutymp technology) features dual tympanometers integrated into the audiometric headset.

This configuration incorporates all audiological screening and diagnostic features of the Kuduwave audiometer, combined with bilateral tympanometry and acoustic reflexes.

  • Automatic Simultaneous Bilateral Tympanometry

    Dual tympanometers make automatic bilateral tympanometry a reality – offering users significant time-saving benefits.

    Automatic bilateral tympanometry also enhances patient care in sensitive young patients. By testing both ears simultaneously, pain-related difficulties are minimised.

  • Convenient Eustachian Tube Function Testing

    Evaluate eustachian tube function testing in patients with intact or perforated tympanic membranes, in a simple, intuitive manner.

    Multiple tympanograms can be displayed for each ear, with the functionality to switch between results, or delete results as required.

  • Diagnostic Reflex Measurements

    Speakers (probe tones) and microphones in both ear cups, enable, through dual pneumatic systems, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex testing.

    This functionality allows for testing to be carried out without swapping the probe or activator-stimuli tips – saving valuable clinical time, while still yielding all pertinent clinical information.

    Additionally, the Kuduwave Pro-TMP offers users the ability to store the reflex measurement history for each frequency tested.

  • Intuitive Tympanometry Software

    The Kuduwave Pro-TMP's dual tympanometers eliminate the need for switching ears during testing.

    Tympanograms of each ear are immediately viewable on the same set of axes, and in real-time – allowing for easy comparison of ear results, as well as a single view review of both data sets.

    Automatic seal checking speeds up testing functionality, while providing additional quality assurance. Assistive test classification ensures accuracy, efficiency, and simplifies use.


  • Booth-Free Audiometry

    Kuduwave audiometers are the only pure-tone audiometers validated for true, booth-free audiometric testing. eMoyo’s unique, portable audiometry technology outperforms standard, single-wall sound booths – making Kuduwave a real-world alternative to traditional audiometric screening.

  • Automatic Or Manual Operation

    Kuduwave audiometers offer the convenience of both manual and automatic audiometry options – enabling users to set their own automated screening protocols. This allows for reliable, repeatable results that are customised to individual preferences.

  • Tele-Audiology Enabled

    Coupled with integrated patient management and cloud storage facilities, Kuduwave audiometers’ tele-audiology capabilities enable state-of-the art services – empowering you to conduct more hearing tests, and reach more people (even remotely), than ever before.

  • Intuitive Audiometry Software

    All Kuduwave audiometers are supported by our complimentary, integrated eMoyo-EMR software. eMoyo-EMR is a free, full-featured Windows-based audiometry software suite designed to support clinicians, occupational health therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

  • Integrated Patient Management

    Our user-friendly eMoyo-EMR software enables testing, and data management and storage of unlimited patient records – from a single interface. It's ideal for occupational health primary care and mass hearing loss screening programmes (such as school hearing screening).

  • Secure In The Cloud

    Enjoy the convenience of rapid reporting, data retrieval, synchronisation, and secure backups of unlimited patient audiograms and test records. Eliminate paperwork and duplications. Encrypted cloud storage means medical records remain private (not even eMoyo can see your data).


All eMoyo’s Kuduwave audiometers are supported by a 3-year repair-or-replace warranty
Parts and accessories carry a 1-year warranty.

Kuduwave audiometers are ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered, CE-mark certified for medical devices, and are compliant with all IEC, ANSI and SANS standards for audiometry, tympanometry, and calibration.
Should you have any questions or queries, our team of skilled technicians, engineers and medical professionals are available to assist via web chat, social media channels, telephone and e-mail.

What does truly booth-free audiometry mean?

  • The Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP are the only truly booth-free diagnostic audiometers available in the world.

    As eMoyo, we can confidently make this claim, as the Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP’s clinical validation, as per MEDDEV (Medical Devices) guidance and ISO 14155 certification, confirms that both these devices can conduct screening and diagnostic pure-tone and speech audiometry, as well as acoustic immittance measurements, outside of a sound-treated booth.

    These unique technical capabilities have been confirmed in multiple, peer reviewed scientific and medical publications.

    Our audiometric devices are, at present, the only comprehensive, diagnostic, all-in-one audiometers with the capability to provide both trusted screening and diagnostic audiometry outside of a sound booth, because of their increased passive attenuation capabilities.

  • The Kuduwave Pro-TMP with built-in tympanometry is the first and only acoustic immittance measurement device that can conduct bilateral simultaneous tympanometry and ipsi- and contralateral acoustic reflex measurements, without swapping the probe to the opposite ear.

    This is our proud statement, because there is currently no other diagnostic audiometer, on the global market, capable of measuring ambient noise and blocking sound as efficiently as the Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP.

    Competitors might play around with configurations and adding sound level meters, but even this is rare. The Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP have all of this technology built-in.

    These features make the Kuduwave Pro and Kuduwave Pro-TMP truly unique audiological instruments.

    Dr. Dirk Koekemoer, Founder – eMoyo



Kuduwave audiometers are transforming the way audiologists and occupational health professionals conduct hearing testing globally.


    “eMoyo has created one of the greatest inventions in audiology. The Kuduwave is undisputably simple, accurate, consistent, and valid, when compared to other forms of manual and automated audiometers. The Kuduwave has saved my clinic a huge sum of dollars that would have gone to soundproofing the audiometry room. I thank you, eMoyo."

    Frank Aversa

    Asanko Gold Mine

    Got questions?

    Have a look in our useful FAQ section to find the answers to often-asked questions.


    Are Kuduwave audiometers truly portable?

    Yes, they are. All Kuduwave audiometers were specifically designed to be lightweight and highly portable, as well as highly accurate, without the need to test inside an audiometric sound booth.

    The device plugs into a laptop via USB cable and requires no independent power source to operate.

    Is the Kuduwave's test results as accurate as when testing patients using a sound booth?

    Yes, they are. The Kuduwave portable audiometer is the subject of several published scientific studies. The device is clinically validated and has been proven to yield test results that are just as accurate as when testing hearing using a traditional sound booth.

    Is the Kuduwave audiometer suitable for testing the hearing of very young patients?

    Kuduwave audiometers can very safely and accurately be used to test the hearing of patients aged four years and older.

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