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Kuduwave X-Check

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X-Check is an integrated digital calibration verification tool, designed for conducting accurate calibration verification in only 30 seconds.

X-Check comes standard with all Kuduwave Prime and Kuduwave Pro audiometers manufactured after March 2018. It is also available as an upgrade for older Kuduwave models.


Enabling accurate calibration verification (within 5dB) to objectively measure and ensure the precision of results, X-Check replaces biological audiometer calibration checks with a more reliable and accurate digital calibration verification process.


Eventhough the sale is via our online shop, we deal with each client's purchase one-on-one.

We keep limited stock of our Kuduwave accessories at our head office, and produce on demand.

Unless we have available stock (which we usually have), please allow 3-4 weeks production and delivery time.

If you are purchasing this technology (hardware) upgrade separately, please return your Kuduwave audiometer to us and allow 7 days for upgrade and return of your audiometer.


Audiometer calibration should be performed annually.

In some standards, such as the South African SANS 10154-1.3 for Occupational Health, quarterly calibration intervals for portable audiometers are required. This standard also applies to any audiometers moved from one location to another.

While providing accurate, digital calibration verification for your Kuduwave portable audiometer, X-Check does not replace the need for regular calibrations.

Kuduwave X-Check