Quick, Effective Ear Wax Removal

The water-operated Otoclear Ear Irrigator is a lightweight, ergonomic ear irrigation device that requires no power source.

It washes away ear wax and debris with a quick, easy and comfortable spray action.

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Otoclear Ear Irrigator Tips

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Our uniquely designed Otoclear tips fit onto the Otoclear Ear Irrigator.

These tips were designed to direct water to the ear canal wall and to flow around ear wax, instead of directly at the tympanic membrane.


- Packet of 20 Tips

- Multiple-Hole Design, Ensuring Tri-Directional, 30° Angle Water

- Backsplash Prevention

- Over Insertion Prevention


Eventhough the sale is via our online shop, we deal with each client's purchase one-on-one.

We keep limited stock, but should be able to deliver to you within a week. If not, this will be communicated to you immediately.

Otoclear Ear Irrigator Tips